Saturday, October, 29, 2011 – The Ticket That Exploded: An Ongoing Opera Premieres NYC

I am collaborating with bassist and composer James Ilgenfritz on a multimedia opera rendering of the William Burroughs novel The Ticket that Exploded, premiering at the Issue Project Room on October 29 2011 in New York City.

“An Opera based on William Burroughs 1962 dystopian novel about identity disintegration, oppression of humanitys collective consciousness through technological influence, and revolution through the subversion of those very technologies. Featuring music by James Ilgenfritz, vocalists Ted Hearne, Nick Hallett, Melissa Hughes, Anne Rhodes, Steve Dalachnsky, and Ryan Opperman, an ensemble of fifteen instrumentalists, and live video projections from Jason Ponce, the opera will be organized using the same cut-up techniques and emphasis on language that distinguishes Burroughs literary work.”

Please also visit our Kickstarter site: The Ticket That Exploded