Samples of work from a number of interrelated areas, including composition, improvisation, live electronics and video for stage, multimedia development, and interactive design.

  • cuatro corridos

    A chamber opera addressing human trafficking

  • viva voce

    Interactive installation about experimental vocal performance

  • noon at dusk

    A chamber opera

  • flox

    Interactive multi-modal installation using computer vision

  • primal screen

    A user-centered interactive experiment in group catharsis

  • seven tragedies of space travel

    An experimental concert-theater work with pianist Brendan Nguyen

  • the ticket that exploded

    A operatic collaboration honoring the great W.S. Burroughs novel

  • trashtalk theater

    Group-interactive movie events that blend social media and cult cinema

  • sediment

    A multimedia urban intervention of transitional spaces

  • pentalocus

    A realtime telematic multimedia project with multiple international institutions

  • machine breathes

    The final New York concert series of Ensemble Sospeso

  • cloudseeder

    Laptop music for audiophiles and microsounders

  • consume

    Live video procsessing, spatialization, realtime electronics, metal

  • radiant tongues

    Processcore dark sorcery for people with strange aesthetics

  • percept

    A multi-channel sound and video installation

  • memory theater

    An interactive exploration dedicated to the art of memory

  • kuklos

    Large scale, site-specific sound installation in the desert

  • three years of light

    Enactive approach to electroacoustic composition