seven tragedies of space travel

I created sound and video content and designed a collection of robust performance tools for this experimental concert-theater collaboration with pianist Brendan Nguyen. The overarching framework was to present a selection of piano repertoire (both old and new) in a typical concert setting, but to then slowly obliterate all traditional concert tropes. The resulting experience is a somewhat non-linear multimedia narrative about transition and identity. The system I developed employs a cluster of networked computers running custom software capable of rendering six  channels of real-time video processing, including a 20 foot, 3-channel video wall, and a grid-mounted projector that allows projections onto the floor. The system uses a customized cuing system for precision transitions, and also provides a performance framework that allows for a high degree of spontaneous decision-making and visual improvisation. SToST features music by Schubert, Rameau, and new works by Aaron Helgeson, Nicholas Deyoe and Clint McCallum.