Flox is an interactive installation developed as an artist-in-residence at High Concept Laboratories in Chicago, IL. Flox explores multi-modal interactivity by asking visitors to engage with one another inside an interactive environment that presents them with increasingly complex sonic puzzles. The collaborative act of exploring the environment reveals hidden links between the group’s movements and the evolution of the soundscape. “Solving” the puzzle therefore becomes an act of group-articulated indeterminate musical composition.

The system works by using a network of overhead cameras linked to a custom computer vision application that persistently tracks users within a large gallery space. State is communicated via radio transmitters to iridescent pods that change colors as visitors progress.

See my paper Flox: A Multi-Modal Approach to Group-Embodied Sound Art for a detailed discussion of the mechanics and technology behind the piece. My friend Jeremy Bessoff produced a short film Flox:

Snapshot Exercise 11: Jason
from Jeremy
on Vimeo.